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At your service

This page provides a non-exhaustive list of the kinds of things I have helped clients with in the past or am currently doing. I am currently helping clients with strategic communications and public affairs support in the technology, animal health and science sectors. References are available upon request. I also have an extensive network of similarly experienced partners in Brussels and across Europe who can help deliver results where you need them. 

Strategic communications

Every great communications plan begins with a proper brainstorm. I've helped companies and business associations re-brand, update their Mission, Vision & Values statements, refine their key messages, get things into the news, keep things out of the news and correct the mistakes that constitute so much of the news. I can help across multiple geographies and cultures, having lived and worked in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the United States.



Whether you need to reach decision-makers, the media, the general public, employees or all of the above, it's important both to have the right messages and to make sure people know when and how to use them. I have helped multinational corporations, business associations and even a consumer group train their teams to ensure consistency and accuracy in their dealings with all sorts of stakeholders. 



I spent the first 15 years of my career as a journalist, so I'm good at taking a rich set of complex information and simplifying it for a general audience. I'm also good at writing reports and advocacy materials that need to win hearts and minds. 



Whether you need a meeting program, an event, a press conference, a website, social media engagement or a pan-European communications campaign, I've been there, done that, and can help. I have run communications campaigns in several countries as well as worked with partners to get the message out correctly and consistently wherever the geography. 



I have helped create coalitions and managed them. I managed both a trade association and a non-profit organization. I have also helped both with services ranging from communications to public affairs and general association management. 



I have moderated numerous conferences over the years on topics ranging from European telecommunications liberalisation to energy, plastics recycling and public health. I'm good at asking questions, involving attendees in the discussion and sticking to a schedule.

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