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Helping companies, business associations, policy makers and the public connect and make better decisions since 1990.

the right story at the right time

Getting the story right

Are your messages falling flat with policy makers, the media or your own employees? It could be bad delivery, but the messages themselves may also be the problem. I can help you get your narrative right, train spokespeople to use your key messages effectively and also help you design an effective communications or advocacy campaign.

  • Mission, vision and values workshops

  • Key message workshops

  • Corporate storytelling workshops 

  • Communications and advocacy strategies

Getting things done right

I also like to win and to help others win. That can be as simple as unearthing and sharing facts that change the way people think or as complex as helping them inform smarter public policies. I apply a psychological approach to identify shared values and overcome entrenched resistance over time.

  • Association management

  • Public affairs advocacy

  • Media relations 

  • Social media

  • Writing projects

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